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Got a question – just ask us!

Below are a few FAQ’s – but we will never cover every question, so if nothing below answers your query – then drop us an email and we will do our best to help!

What is the load weight limit on a typical luggage rack?

Some of our racks will take more than others and we endeavor to make them as robust as we can, but the usual weight limit on our racks is 5kg

Will a luggage rack take a top box?

Yes, most our racks will take a top box, but you will find that the majority with an additional grab rail loop will “push” a top box further back on the rack as this loop leans back into the rack area a little reducing the space available so try to use as compact a box as you are able. So as a rule of thumb, ones with loops are ideally better used with soft luggage and those without will be ideal for a top box.

Is everything I need to fit included?

Yes, with every engine bar, luggage rack, grab rial, sissy bar, pannier frame and everything else we do, if it needs extra fittings to fit – they are provided along with a set of instructions, but if you get stuck give us a call 01202 826722 and we will do our best to help.

But will a rack or grab rail fit with a tail tidy or custom parts installed?

This is a bit of grey area as there are so many manufacturers of aftermarket parts and so a difficult question to answer. But do keep in mind that all of our parts are designed to go onto the original, standard bike, so some parts may not fit if tail tidies, aftermarkets exhausts, custom seats etc are fitted.

But if you are happy to try it and pay return postage then by all means give it a go, or email

Are fitting kits available to buy?

Yes, we know what it is like, take a rack off after a trip, need it again a few weeks later and, now where did I put those fittings! We do have spares for most things, but not everything, some items are specially made and not stocked, also some kits will need more than others so the price varies a little, but give us a call 01202 826722 and we will see what is available for you.

Where are your items made?

All of our racks, engine bars, pannier frames, grab rails, sissy bars plus many other items are all made in the UK in sunny Dorset, our finishing is also provided locally as is all of our materials.

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