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If you’re looking for the best grab rail for your motorbike, you’ve come to the right place. With an extensive range of grab rails, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s important to find the best grab rail for your bike, and with a varied range of brands and makes stocked at Renntec, you’ll find the perfect one to suit you. Call us on 01202 826 722 to find out more.

What Is A Grab Rail?

A grab rail is installed onto a bike to ensure passengers have something to grab onto. They’re highly beneficial and a must if you’re going to have someone sharing a bike. They are the number one safety measure that all bike owners need to take if they’re going to share their bike at any point.

A grab rail is an important part of the bike as it allows the driver to have a passenger or carry more luggage with any attachments they may wish to fit onto it along with their rear racks. It’s important to pick the best grab rail for your bike so that it can be installed safely.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Grab Rail?

There are various reasons and benefits as to why you should have a grab rail installed on your motorcycle. The obvious reason is that your passenger has something to hold onto when they’re riding on the back of your bike, and this keeps them stable and makes sure they’re not going to fall off.

Thanks to the stability of the grab rail, it also means that you can expand on the amount of luggage carrier space that your bike has. With various attachments, you’re able to carry heavier weights on the back of your bike.

One benefit that people are starting to realise is that a grab rail is aesthetically pleasing, especially if you pick the right rail for your bike. A grab rail also increases the value of a bike if you ever go to sell it, so that’s something to keep in mind.

How To Choose Your Grab Rail

Choosing the best grab rail for your motorcycle depends on the type of bike you have. If you have a Honda bike, it would be easier to find a Honda rail or at least a Honda compatible grab rail so that you can ensure the perfect fit. Other makes might not fit as well, or they can damage the bike or paint work which will cost in repairs.

Choosing the best motorcycle grab rails also depends on the amount that it’s going to be used. You want to make sure you have a sturdy grab rail that can withstand constant use if that’s why you need it, or if you plan to use it for a minimal amount you might want to find a grab rail which is easily removed.

Why Choose Renntec?

The reasons to choose Renntec for your grab rails are endless. Renntec have 25 years of experience in the industry. We know what we’re doing when it comes to motorcycles and that’s why we only offer the best products at affordable prices.

There’s a reason why our motto is “Ready for Anything”. We ensure all the products we sell are ready to perform and always built to last. If you have any questions, our excellent staff are always on hand to answer any that you may have.

With over 400 products on our website, we have everything you’ll need for your bike, whether that be the latest motorbike grab rail or the best luggage solutions. As a private company, we have the customer in mind, and that’s why we stock a range of brands and designs to suit all.

Take a look at our many 5 star reviews and you’ll understand why our customers keep coming back to buy all their bike accessories.

Our selection

At Renntec we stock a varied selection of grab rails. Our grab rails are stocked so that people have the selection available to get the best suitable grab rail for their bike. At affordable prices, we can deliver on quality and customer service to ensure the best for all our customers no matter what they purchase.

Renntec stock a variety of grab rails for all makes and models of bikes and we only offer the very best on the market. Our prices are affordable and we’re happy to help or suggest what grab rail your motorcycle will need.

  1. Ducati Grab Rails
  2. Yamaha Grab Rails
  3. Kawasaki Grab Rails
  4. Triumph Grab Rails
  5. BMW Grab Rails
  6. Buell Grab Rails

Other Available Products

At Renntec we offer a wide range of products to fit all types of bikes. Although we offer the best grab rails on the market, that’s not where we draw the line. With over 25 years of experience, we know what our customers want and that’s exactly what we offer.

At Renntec, we’re able to offer some of the most affordable handlebars, each built for your bike with top quality materials so that it’s going to last whether you’re on the road or going off road. We have an extensive range of custom parts for bikes, so if you’re looking for something different, we can help.

If you’re looking for an everyday grab rail, a new engine bar, custom parts, or just some new bike accessories, we have it all. We understand that a bike runs on parts and it can be difficult knowing what part is going to best fit your bike, which is why all our products come with specifications on the page to help you make that choice.

Contact the Motorbike Grab Rail Specialists

Don’t hang around; get in touch with our motorbike specialists today and find the best grab rail to fit your bike. Give us a call on 01202 826 722.

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