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Renntec has for a long time been associated with luggage carrying options for motorcycles of all makes and models and this portfolio has been steadily growing over the years and will continue to do so.

But behind the scenes Renntec has also been overseeing the production of Metal Mule products too, designed for the toughest of environments Metal Mule has a very loyal following of folk who have used these products to travel to every corner of the planet, with some still using kit bought of 15 years ago!

So we are now bringing Metal Mule to whole new audience as Renntec continue to improve the offering presented and have incorporated it into the home of Renntec where we feel it is better suited “filling out” the great variety of motorcycle accessories that we can offer.

Previous customers of Metal Mule can expect the same level of service that they have grown accustomed to whilst we look forward to serving a new brace of adventurers off one their wild treks!

Metal Mule’s are truly incomparable. No other adventure luggage is made with the same ‘no compromise’ quality materials or to the same exactingly high standards of manufacture.

Born out of the frustration of not being able to find a system that didn’t feel safe and secure, It was in 2007 that the first Metal Mule came into being, evolving and developing into todays still ‘sector leading’ full luggage systems. A true product of its environment, built to survive and thrive at the extremes of terrain, impact and temperature, Mule’s are ultra strong, incredibly secure, waterproof and hand crafted from only the highest grade materials available.

Whilst determined focus on attention to detail and quality doesn’t come cheap, Metal Mule’s are priced within the reach of serious adventure bike riders, with prices for our UTE pannier boxes starting at £299.99, there really is a Mule to suit all needs and budgets.

Designed and built in the UK, Metal Mule is the brand of choice by those who understand the demands and challenges of serious adventure riding, not least renowned Double Guinness World Record™ Holders Kevin and Julia Sanders, of leading travel expedition company GlobeBusters ( who say “10’s of ‘000’s of miles of extreme adventure riding and years of experience have proven to us nothing else matches up to a Mule”.

Here at Renntec we are proud to have this brand under our roof and it sit’s alongside our product range comfortably, so that Renntec now has luggage solutions to cover for every need, from the daily commute, to the weekend getaway, a weeks tour of the Lake District to a the adventure of a life time – here at Renntec we really will get you and your bike – Ready For Anything!

No wonder then we proudly call Metal Mule ‘Adventure Proof’. Just be warned, you’ll give up way before your Mule!

Metal Mule is the go to adventure riders luggage solution of choice as proven by so many riders over the last 2 decades.

Central to this luggage storage solution is the UTE pannier box, made from aircraft grade aluminium, sealed for maximum protection from the ingress of dust and more importantly water, these lockable boxes are a must for anyone considering a long tour in the harshest of conditions.

All of the panels are hand riveted to make sure of an accurate and tight fit, with a neoprene seal between the over lapping side joints, base plate and lid underside, all the the side fittings are then sealed as they are installed, including tie down loops, hinges, locks and side button accessory mounts, this ensures a good water tight fit where ever possible.


Ute Pannier Box
Metal Mule UTE Pannier Box
Metal Mule Motorcycle Pannier Frames
Metal Mule Pannier Frames

Of course, no Metal Mule pannier box is complete without the pannier frames to hold it!

And if your pannier box is going to be as robust as a Metal Mule pannier box then it really deserves to be kept in place with something equally as tough!

Metal Mule pannier frames are usually mounted in 3 positions on the motorcycle itself with a further stability frame to the rear, all of this keeps the frames as rigid as possible, not just to take the weight of the boxes but also, should the worse happen, and you should drop the bike, the boxes will of course take the brunt of any fall, but the frames will also aid in keeping things where they should be affording some protection the to the rear of the bike.

Made from stainless steel and tig welded for best penetrating and seamless welds, they are as durable as the pannier boxes that will be mounted to them – another great addition to your motorbike for those long journeys!

A few Metal Mule customers from trips around the globe!

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