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If you’re looking for the best sissy bar to fit onto your bike you’ve come to the right place. Renntec has a huge range of sissy bars that are specially designed to fit bikes with ease, offering an easy installation for everyone.

No matter the motorcycle you may have, we have the best sissy bar to accompany it. Our sissy bars are easy to install, make the process easier for the rider, and ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Make sure you have the best sissy bar on your bike to make your passengers comfortable throughout the entire journey.

We stock only the very best sissy bars at Renntec and we make sure we offer our customers the most affordable prices on the market. Our staff is on hand to answer any questions and ensure your bike gets the best sissy bar for the perfect fit.

Sissy Bars

What is a Sissy Bar?

A sissy bar is an important piece of equipment for a motorbike especially if the rider is looking to make long journeys and is traveling on the motorway. Sissy bars are essentially backrests for the rider or passenger to lean against when they’re driving. A sissy bar is also known as a sister bar or passenger backrest.

A sissy bar is a big safety feature on a bike, especially for long journeys as it ensures the rider is not being exposed to a long-term injury to their back. It acts as a support function and a much-needed resting point.

The sissy bar also acts as a mount point for mounting any luggage attachments or equipment which is not part of the bike. The sissy bar can be used in various ways to improve the overall function of the bike and is one of the greatest assets of the bike itself.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sissy Bar

There are many benefits as to why you should have a sissy bar installed on your bike. One main reason a lot of people have backrests installed on their bikes is for aesthetic reasons. Sissy bars increase the overall attractiveness and appeal of a bike, making it more valuable and will in fact increase the selling price for a bike, a sissy bar is, in turn, a long-term investment.

The sissy bar is there to provide much-needed support for the back for either the rider or a passenger. It also provides that safety net for a passenger, if they don’t have proper grab rails to hold onto it helps prevent passengers from falling off and injuring themselves.

It would also be notable to mention that sissy bars can be a great addition to other attachments for the bike. It can be used as a fitting point so that you can carry more on your bike. Grab rails, pannier systems, and much more can be fitted to the backrests and prove a great asset for the bike.

The make and model of the bike will determine the type of sissy bar that you’ll use. Some offer more space to attach accessories for the bike whereas others give more support for the back or head. At Renntec, we stock all varieties of sissy bars and are happy to help you find the best fit for your bike and any requirements you have.

How to Choose Your Sissy Bar?

It’s important to pick the correct sissy bar for your needs. Not all sissy bars are the same. Some are used for backrests for the driver whereas other sissy bars are used to support the passenger in place of a grab rail. Before looking for your ideal sissy bar, make sure you know what your requirements are and why you need one.

At Renntec, we stock sissy bars for any motorcycle. Our customers have a wide variety to pick from and we stock by size, and brand, and offer the most affordable prices for the best sissy bars on the market. It’s always important to ensure the sissy bar you want is totally compatible with your bike, so you have no installation issues.

Our staff is always on hand to make sure you pick the best backrest for your bike, get in touch, and find out how we can help.

Why Choose Renntec?

There are many reasons why you should pick Renntec for all your bike accessory needs. At Renntec, we stock only the best products for our customers and ensure the highest standards in everything that we do. Renntec has been dubbed with the title ‘ready for anything because everyone knows our products will easily stand the test of time.

Renntec customers should know that we operate with over 25 years of experience. With our knowledge and experience, it’s no understatement to say we know all there is to know about bikes and how to best take care of them.

Our website hosts over 400 items that we personally approve. We only sell the very best products, made from the finest quality materials on the market because. At Renntec, we know owning a bike isn’t cheap and we don’t want our customers having to repair or replace accessories all the time.

No matter what you need for your bike, we have it. Our trained, expert staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have and signpost you to the best gear you might need. Whether it be the best sissy bars for your bike, rear racks, or luggage solutions, we have the very best money can buy.

It’s no wonder our customers come back to us for all their bike accessory needs. It’s clear from our many 5-star testimonials that our products are the very best on the market and won’t let you down when you need them the most. Don’t take our word for it but listen to the hundreds who buy the best Renntec products every day.

Why Is It Called a Sissy Bar?

The sissy bar name derives from a person who fears falling off a bike. However, it has recently been adapted and is now a sought-after piece for all bikes. The sissy bar has had additional positive press not only due to its safety features but due to its fondness amongst celebrities.

The well-known celebrity, Keanu Reeves, has his pride and joy motorcycle although when he approached a famous manufacturer, the one item he wanted custom-made for his bike was the sissy bar. After this happened in 2007, the sissy bar grew in popularity amongst bike owners and is now the main component and one of the most customised pieces.

Although we can’t promise you the exact same sissy bar that Keanu Reeves purchased himself, we can still offer you the very best sissy bars in the UK at Renntec and so much more. Don’t be hesitant, improve your bike with the ultimate sissy bar today.

Sissy Bar Styles

Depending on the type of bike will depend on the type of sissy bar that you want. We understand that everyone is individual at Renntec and that’s why we stock the classic sissy bars and offer custom sissy bars too. We are on hand to make sure our customers get exactly what they want, we want your pride and joy to look as good as you envision it to.

At Renntec, we’re able to work with our customers so that we can make the best custom sissy bar to fit the overall aesthetic of their motorbike. Custom pieces on a bike also give them an increased value if you’re ever looking to sell.

Our Selection

At Renntec, we have a wide selection of various sissy bars to fit a whole host of bikes. It doesn’t matter what brand of sissy bar you’re looking for, or if you need a certain fit, we are sure to stock something you might be looking for. At these affordable prices, there is certainly no need to worry.

All our sissy bars are made with the customer in mind. We make them comfortable, easy to install, and sturdy, so they won’t break while you’re on the road. Our expert team is always on hand to help with any requirements and put you in the right direction.

Our selection of sissy bars is made from the finest, top-quality materials in the UK, designed and manufactured within the UK so that you’re not waiting around for stock to come in. All our sissy bars are comfortable and finished in chrome with anti-rust properties to ensure your sissy bar stands the test of time.

Suzuki Sissy Bars

This lightweight Suzuki sissy bar is the perfect addition to your bike. It offers the most comfortable solution to a great ride for both the driver and the passenger. This Renntec bar gives maximum security, designed, and built in the UK and made from only the finest quality materials. The sissy bar is made for specific bike measurements to ensure no modifications are needed to your bike in order to make it fit. The sissy bar is finished in chrome and all sissy bars come with a full fitting kit and instructions manual.

Yamaha Sissy Bars

The Yamaha bar provides a stable and reliable sissy bar for a more comfortable ride for the passenger. Each Yamaha sissy bar is designed and manufactured in the UK reducing any wait time. Each sissy bar is made from the best-quality materials money can buy; you know your bar is going to be the best. Finished in chrome, each sissy bar comes with a full set of instructions and a complete fitting kit.

Sissy Bars

Kawasaki Sissy Bars

our Kawasaki sissy bars come with a full fitting kit and instructions manual. The sissy bar is made to fit; you won’t need to modify your bike to get the best fit. The Kawasaki sissy bar is made, designed, and manufactured within the UK with only the best materials used to ensure longevity for all sissy bars. The Renntec Kawasaki sissy bar is finished in chrome to give the best look.

Other Available Products

At Renntec, not only do we provide the best sissy bars in the UK, but we also offer a whole host of other products for our motorbike users. We understand that a motorbike isn’t the cheapest and accessories can be very expensive. That’s why at Renntec, we offer the best products for the most affordable prices around.

When it comes to our products Renntec has everything you need. We offer the best rear racks to our customers, designed, and made within the UK to the right specifications to fit your bike with ease. No matter the brand of bike you ride, we have a rear rack that’s going to fit.

We understand that all bikes need to be safe and secure, which is why we offer the best grab rails to ensure maximum security for your passengers. Each grab rail stays in place, is securely fitted, and needs little maintenance or repair work carried out.

We also offer custom parts for all your bike needs, after at Renntec, we understand that all bikes are different just like their owner and that needs to be reflected. Get in touch with our

handy team and we’ll be able to talk you through any special requirements you may have for your bike.

Our products are finished with excellent precision and expertise. Our rear racks and other products are coated in a clear powder to ensure anti-rust properties and all our products come with full instructions and the best fitting kits to ensure easy installation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for rear racks, sissy bars, luggage solutions, or more, we have what you need. We stock products for BMW, Yamaha, Triumph, Honda and so much more. You have all the choices you need and don’t need to go somewhere else.

All our products are ‘ready for anything which is why we only sell the very best for motorbikes and stand by all our products equally; we’re always on hand to help. Browse our many products and find the perfect fit.

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